...And the World Goes 'Round
2006 by L. Hernandez

Forbidden love
Sweet pink-lipped love
She knows exactly what she needs
She lays her down
They roll around
Lick and the promise she'll be pleased

Time of her life with her girlfriend
And I'm remembering the end
Of what we had and what we used to be
Without a doubt over and out
And now she makes her scream and shout
I stand here stiff and watching everything

Lesbians make the world go 'round
But not the fat ones
Only the hot, hot ones, yeah!

She sees me stare
Need to be there
I need to feel what it's about
Her smile gleams
Wicked calling
Her girl is busy with her mouth
Now I'm behind her new girlfriend
Three made as One, I slip it in
Her face is buried between stockinged knees
Tongues lash and fingers in and out
They show me what it's all about
She's doing her girlfriend while her girl does me, yeah!


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