1999 by L. Hernandez

Blackness overtakes the sky - radiating from my mind
Scores of people try to hide
Hunting down the one who's name caused me anguish - caused me pain
Blood will pour tonight like rain
Hatred manifests to flesh - pummeling forth through my fists
Number one on my shit list
Vengeance reigns tonight supreme - flames of Hell will swiftly clean
Blades fulfilling the Tenth Key!

I come to kill you in your sleep
Into your dreams at night I creep
I change the thoughts within your head
I am the dark - the dark that leaves you dead...

Flames of hatred burn inside - spewing forward from my eyes
Devils laughing at your cries
As your life lies in my grip I stir you violently to shit
Watching dogs gnaw at your lips
Now the Jester laughs at you; justice - violent, swift and true
Betrayals payed back nine-times-two
The hand of Death comes crushing down - Abaddon looms over the town
You die and no-one hears a sound

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