The Rats In The Walls
1996 by L. Hernandez

Old Mr. Delapore, he had a son who had recently died
He bought a house with a history dealing with his ancestral line
While in bed, he heard them coming - the scratches in the night
Leading him to the depths below and the secrets that would rise!

The rats in the walls -
Come for you tonight
Bring unholy sights
Lead you in the night
They're gonna make a meal out of you tonight!

Delapore heard them scratch again in the basement down below
He found a staircase, he felt a breeze, and he went to see where it would go
Accompanied by a few old friends, he found a city filled with bones
And Delapore didn't realize that he would soon become a cannibal!!

* Inspired by The Rats In The Walls, a short story by H.P. Lovecraft

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