Mistress Damnation
2002 by L. Hernandez

All was black on the Stygian shores
On the night She was conceived
Daughter of rape and witchcraft
Born into a world She'd force to bleed
Sired by Cerberus, whose seed
Hath spilt its hatred deep into the whore
Whom, by Infernal rites, did conjure Him
And soon the Queen of Hell was born!

Child of enchantment
The world of men could not resist Her fascination
Lust and vengeance dripping from Her cunt
She'd grow to slaughter nations
Infernal Princess, whom by nights
When the moon shown bright and full
Would resume the shape of Her father's spawn
And feed on infants as a wolf

I've felt Her loins aflame
Jaws at my throat, She held me still
On the Witches Sabbath She straddled me
An oath I gave for blood to spill!

For Lust and Hatred do I honor Thee
Blackest pride of Kali
By blade and fang and claw, my whore
Humanity no more
Sodomite pleasures we shall know
Rivers of blood will flow
Black Goddess - crimson smiling Queen
Be friendly unto me!

She showed me the ways of murder
And orgiastic blasphemies bestowed
She let my fuck flow hot within Her anal grasp
As on a corpse She fed 'til bones
All men bowed down to Her
And all their women in Her bed
And in the end, all left was a mountain of flesh
That, together, we did rend
Empires fell and angels wept
And Christ himself lusted for Her flesh
And the Kingdom of Hell then rose anew
Our sacrifice through vengence rests
Crawling on his knees
To beg forgiveness for his sins
Was the erect and beaten Yeshua
And Heaven crumbled as She slew the thing!

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