2000 by L. Hernandez

We sat in the cemetery
A bottle of rum - the stars were in your eyes
To romance you were so contrary
You wanted to fuck and there was no disguise
And I wanted to touch your body
I wanted to kiss you oh so bad
And I wanted to bite and rip you
I wanted to give you all I had

We walked together under the stars
Got drunk together - Venus and Mars
I held you closely - skin next to skin
I pulled me out, you took me in

You laid on my leather jacket
And pulled your panties off to the side
And when I saw what was waiting for me
I decided to taste you for a while
And I felt you, so wet, surround me
Feeling our flesh touch as we fucked
Like lions out in the wild, girl
Letting the carnal run amok

You felt me sliding deep into you
Not even hiding - lit by the moon
Tombstones and starlight - sweating with lust
Nothing could stop the two of us

Under the crescent moon last night

I remember the way you took me
I've never seen two legs spread so wide
You wanted it missionary
You like playing rough and being brutalized
When we were done we went back to rum, yeah
A little damaged from what we'd just been through
Then you gave me that hungry look, girl
And I knew it was time to start round two

Under the crescent moon last night

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