Punk Rock Heroes
1999 by L. Hernandez

Whoa-oh-oh, I really wanna know why the kids all look the same
Whoa-oh-oh, this scene has got to go - it's all so goddamn lame
Book bags and black-rimmed glasses
Clean-cut with stupid dances
They think that they're so fucking cool
I'd rather just not fit in
I'm happy with who I am
I'll never be your sheepish clone

Whoa-oh-oh, well, I don't really know just what they think of me
Hey, hey, hey, I don't care what they say, I'm who I want to be
Herded like they were cattle
They gave in and lost the battle
Lost individuality
"Punk Rock," was, "Think for yourself!"
"Be strong! Stand up for yourself!"
They've lost their souls and now they can never be free

Punk Rock - Punk Rock Heroes
Punk Rock - Punk Rock fucking clones!

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