That Girl
2000 by L. Hernandez

Here's how the story goes: Well, love just punched me in the nose, yeah
Stuck like an Oreo - situation vertigo
Is she the Terror Queen I've seen on movie screens?
Hope she's the girl for me - not the same old story
Oh, will she hold my hand and will she understand -
There's so much more to me? I hope that she can see
Life can be so damned frustrating
Love can be so complicated

And so the story stands: Well, Houston tell me where to land, yeah
Screwed like a bottle cap and too dizzy to take a nap, oh
If I were Frankenstein then she would be my bride
I'd build the girl for me - she'd be the girl for me
Girl if you only knew how I felt about you
Are you the girl for me? Are you the girl for me?
Life can't be that damned frustrating
Love makes life so complicated

Here's how the story ends: I think she's got a new boyfriend, oh

Think my brain's gonna pop - this situation never stops, no
I guess she'll never learn - I bet he cheats on her
She's not the girl for me! She's not the girl for me!
But when I find the one, bet we'll have lots of fun!
I'll find the girl for me. I think I'm over her now

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