Graveyard Ghoul
1998 by L. Hernandez

I met her at the show
And I knew I had to see her
She was such a ghoulish girl
And I knew I had to be near her
Where were you all my life as I rotted in this tomb?
You broke the head off Christ and kept it in your room

Satanic beauty queen
Red hair like the devil's whore
We were skipping hand-in-hand
Getting drunk in the graveyard
Laying in catacombs with corpses everywhere
Wanted to drive the Hearse - would the mortician care?

I see the hands of time and I just don't
Ever want them to move -
When I'm with you...
My graveyard ghoul

Hey, hey now ghoulish girl
You took a bite out of my heart
I really wanna lick you girl
And creep with you in the dark
You turn the wolf in me into a little pup
I'd drain the world of life for you to lap it up

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