Video for The Rats in the Walls, filmed/edited by Malia Schaffer/Mayoland Productions. Live footage shot at Hawaiian Brian’s opening for The Vandals, Honolulu, Hawaii (2012).

Les Hernandez and Tibbie X (X-Possibles) in the studio recording The Devil’s Henchmen:

Video for The Black Pope, edited by Marquis DeBlood (The Other). Live footage shot at the Satyricon, Portland, Oregon (2006). Additional footage provided by Magus Peter H. Gilmore (Church of Satan):

Video for Graveyard Ghoul shot and edited by the Freels Brothers:

Video for Rosemary’s Baby, edited by Marquis DeBlood. Live footage from the Lovrcraft Bar (Portland, OR), Triangle Inn (Salem, OR) and Oak Grove Tavern (Milwaukie, OR):

Cheesy video for Another Girl, edited by Jon Snyder. Live footage from Blaisdell Arena (Honolulu, Hawaii):

A lightening fast clip of our album covers flashing on The History Channel’s documentary Hell: the Devil’s Domain. If you’ve got good eyes, we’re in the credits as well, thanked as “Les Hernandez – The Quintessentials!”

The Quintessentials on Rock Candy Video ‘Zine (2000)

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