Welcome to Hell!

Welcome to the official homepage of The Quintessentials! In short, we’re a Horror Punk Rock band from Honolulu, Hawaii. Though much of our subject matter may be somewhat darker than most, most of our music is still very much fun and catchy. For those of you who may not have heard of us, our biography page may be of interest.

Within these pages you will find lyrics, band photos, interviews, mp3s, videos, links, etc. To contact the band, e-mail us at band@thequintessentials.com.

Our albums are done completely D.I.Y. and paid for out of our own pockets. All copies of our albums are on high quality CDR with on-disc printing (not cheap stickers!) and come complete with high quality inserts in a jewel case. The first 500 copies of “Legends from the Grave” were professionally glass-burned and shrink wrapped.

Like what we’re doing? Help us keep doing it!