Zombie Girl
1997-2005 by L. Hernandez

Zombie Girl - she paints a smile on my face - oh yeah
Zombie Girl - she brightens my whole day
She holds me close - don't wanna let her go - oh no
She's my world - you know that I love her so

When I see her face life seems worth it
Ain't gonna cry no more
And when I kiss her tender lips
I get a feeling that I can't ignore

Zombie Girl - I hope our love never dies - oh no
We'll build a crypt for two and lie side-by-side
Zombie Girl - she burns her candles of black - oh yeah
Devil Girl - with you there's no turning back

You were my Zombie Girl
Under the crescent moon
Sweet legend from the grave
My little Zombie Girl, you know I'll always be true

Zombie Girl - you bring the life back to me

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