© 2017 by L. Hernandez

From the Infernal Empire
Stalking the night alone
Cloaked by the veil of darkness
Crunching of broken bones
His fist interrogates them
Blood spatters 'cross the wall
Dark hero; vigilante
Justice for one and all!

Spending the daylight hours
Training through sweat and pain
Night falls and he is shadow
Bringing the Devil's rain
By gun, by blade or knuckles
Vengeance will now prevail
Upon deserving filth, while
Horns raised in tribute hail!


His armor, tactical
His focus trained upon is goal
His Will, unshakable
He fights to defend his land and his home
Living to right injustice
Pushing both his brawn and his mind
And in the face of chaos
He strikes terror—he is the night!

Symbol and anti-hero
One born to every age
Hell fires burn within him
Fueling his passion's rage
Donning the mask of darkness
Zorro or Gotham's Knight
Infernal vigilante
One unafraid to fight

(repeat bridge)

(repeat verse 1)

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