© 1995 & 2018 by L. Hernandez

The party's hoppin' & the coffin's boppin' tonight
My vampire girl, she makes me feel alright
Witches shakin' it on the headstones
Dancing go-au-go-go, a-go-au-go-go
Raisin' unclean spirits from the grave

The night gaunts are flying in the full moon light
Witch Doctor drums keepin' the rhythm tight
Vulnavia and Doctor Phibes
We've found our place within' the Devil's tribe
I'll throw back a shot with Ra's al Ghul

Everybody's havin' fun tonight
It doesn't matter if you're dead or 'live
Everybody's havin' fun tonight
And everything's gonna be alright

The Addams clan moonbathe under the stars tonight
The dead with play their parts for Doctor Frankenstein
Elvira's puttin' on a show
With The Quintessentials on the radio
Figures of lust dance 'round the graves


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