2005, Music by D.Franklin/D. Addis, Lyrics by L. Hernandez

Cursed thoughts and hateful moans
Mind infected, you lie alone
With no one there to hear your cries of pain
Indulging in depression, you're no longer sane

To run away you wanna (wanna) kill yourself
Escape and leave the bullshit to somebody else
And lie beneath the streets - you'll find a way
Six feet below the earth, won't see another day

Seething there inside your tomb
Nothing left this side of doom
'Round and 'round in gloom you mope
Take your life 'cause you can't cope

A twelve-gauge ticket straight to Hell
Auto-execution, no tales to tell
The first one's to find you, what will they see?
Nothing matters to a friend of Misery

Maybe, just maybe that ain't the way?
Maybe a rope, not a bullet or a razor-blade?
Does anybody care whether you live or die?
Do you even have a reason for still being alive?

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