Thinking of You
© 2000 & 2018 by Les Hernandez

Pen above the paper - gears spin 'round
Burning with my hatred for you
2 A.M. and I'm sharpening my knife blades
Thinking of murdering you

Why did you hide the things you did?
And why did you lie to me about him?
And why did I even let you live?
Forever and ever regretting that we ever met

Blood-soaked scenarios filling up my mind
I'm holding back from murdering you
Imagining my knife stabbing you right in the back, now
Singing while I'm butchering you

Why did you always want me around?
Showing me off all over town?
And why did you even wear my ring?
Forever and ever we're never 'cause you wanted him

You're gone, and life goes on

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