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All of our albums are now available for digital purchase via The Quintessentials' Official Bandcamp Site! The only place to get the Realm of the Great Old Ones bonus-track, "The Alien Elite"!

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"Realm of the Great Old Ones"
Two-Disc DOUBLE-ALBUM! 36 tracks!
Disc Two of this is a complete from scratch revisioning of our first album, The Horror Never Ends...

CD $18.00USD Paypal - FREE shipping in the U.S.!

"Five Alive!"
5 LIVE, LOUD & RAW bootleg-style tracks from Satan's earthly Punk Rock emissaries!

Digital-only release! Click cover image to purchase!

"Sarah Alice is DEAD!"
11 tracks of Mephistophelian Myrth--plus 2 bonus tracks!

CD $13.00USD Paypal - FREE shipping in the U.S.!

"Legends from the Grave"
18 tracks of terrifying Diabolism!

CD $13.00USD Paypal - FREE shipping in the U.S.!

"Pentagonal Revisionism"
20 tracks by Satan's favorite punk rock band!

CD $13.00USD Paypal - FREE shipping in the U.S.!

"The Horror Never Ends..."
The DEBUT album by The Quintessentials!
Features 18 tracks (over 45 minutes!) of pure Horror Punk rock fury!

CD $13.00USD Paypal - FREE shipping in the U.S.!

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Our albums are done completely D.I.Y. and paid for out of our own pockets. All copies are on high quality CDR with on-disc printing (not cheap stickers!) and come complete with high quality inserts in a jewel case.