The Stepford Wives
2002 by L. Hernandez

Joanna--she could never understand it
Poor Walter--she made his life so complicated
Bitching about her women's lib
Was all that she would ever do
She forgot about her feminism
So Walter said "Let's move to Stepford!"

Stepford, Connecticut was a dream come true
Perfect house with a picket fence and a perfect school
Perfect people, perfect friends
A true Total Environment
Until Bobbie Markowe showed her face
And made Joanna hate the men, yeah

Charmaine was the first one to change so mysteriously
And Bobbie knew something was coming her way
Joanna just laughed at her friends so hilariously
And three or four months is all that it would take
To make a Stepford Wife!

Joanna went to see a psychiatrist
Joanna came home to the perfect mess
Run and hide and hide and run
Was all that she could do
But Walter found a way to fix her
And Bobbie said she'd help out too, yeah

Joanna said, "If you're not a robot then bleed for me"
Bobbie said, "Come closer, dear, so you can see"
Now the rest is history
But that's Stepford technology
The men in Stepford had it right
And it won't hurt if she don't fight, yeah

She'll always be his Stepford wife!

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