Sometimes, Dead is Better
© 1997 & 2018 by M.K. Silva/L. Hernandez

Sweet little girl, you're everything to me
Got yourself killed - I could not set you free
I made a promise that I'd never let you leave
I spilled my blood to conjure up the dead
My mind was reeling from both love and dread
Then came to life the only one for whom I grieved

Her skin was like rotten leather
She looked a bit under the weather
Tried to leave me, but I wouldn't let her
Sometimes ... sometimes, dead is better

Your second life just wasn't quite the same
You rigored tongue could not pronounce my name
My undead love is not a beauty, but a beast

I tried to kiss your putrid, rotting lips
While making love, I almost broke your hip
My undead love is now a walking maggots' feast


Be very careful what you wish for
You just might get it ... and a little more
Heed well my words within this tale of love and death
Well, I refused to leave you in the grave
I cheated Death and this is what he gave
Wriggling dead flesh betrayed by maggots on your breath


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