1996 by L. Hernandez

She wears a skirt and a T-shirt and a scrunchy in her hair
She gives me such a stiffy in my underwear
Well, she always looks so cool, yeah, I cannot help but drool
She doesn't seem to see me here, I'm playing the fool
When she smiles big and bright, you know she makes me feel alive
I wish that I could always have her here by my side
But, she doesn't understand that I wanna be her man
She comes to see us play holding some other guy's hand

And I want her to know that she's the only girl for me
With her leather jacket and her hair in a scrunchy

She wears a scrunchy - whoa-oh-whoa-oh-oh
She wears a scrunchy - and I love her so
She wears a scrunchy - ooh-ah-woo-ooh-wee
Oh, scrunchy girl - you're the one for me!

She wears a groovy kinda lipstick and has multi-colored nails
She gives me such a trip that I can almost see trails
And I get a goofy feelin' when she calls me on the phone
But, when I try to call her back she's never at home
When she wiggles her behind, how I wish that she were mine
And we could be together until the end of time
We'd get drunk - we'd get bombed - I'd introduce her to my mom
'Til then she'd never understand where I'm coming from

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