Satanic Revolution
1996 by L. Hernandez

Fight! Our war has just begun
Dark Ones rise! Our reign has come!
Never shall I be a slave!
Glory to the strong and brave!

I'd like to make things clear
I'll never live in fear
And I'll never shed a tear
So stand up for your rights
Let no one take your rights
We'll show the world our might
In Satan's name!

Justice for one and all
Oh! Hear the Prince, Belial!
Darkness rises deep within
Vengeance of Leviathan!

Listen to the Serpent's hiss
Good and Evil don't exist
It's time we all get pissed!
So fight the Christians--end their rule
End their moralic attitudes
Your life is yours to choose!

Fight the war until it's over
Swords in hand, rise, Satan's soldiers!
No more will we tolerate them
Show religion Satan's vengeance now!

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