Sarah Alice is DEAD!
2006 by L. Hernandez

Early November, back in zero-five
First kiss she gave me back when she seemed alive
Making love every morning, every single night
But something changed in her - something pretty died

Twenty-fourth of February, two-thousand and six
She said "I'll see you soon! Just going on a trip"
Promised forever to me - soon we would be wed
She killed what we both shared, now something in her's dead

Sarah Alice is DEAD! - She's dead inside
Sarah's fucked in her head - she just ain't right
Love has died away - buried in her grave
Sarah Alice is DEAD!

I've seen the future and it's happened to you
Forever's ended and you're with someone new
Time after time you lied - you always let me down
The love that we both shared is buried six feet underground

And I swear that I'd like to skin you
And hear your tortured screams
And I swear that I'd love to hurt you
Back for hurting me!

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