Rosemary's Baby
2004 by L. Hernandez

Rosemary, freshly married
Guy's her only man
They got a new apartment
Moved into the Bram
Hutch didn't like the things
He'd heard of folks missing without a trace
Guy looked at Hutch and laughed
A mocking laugh straight to his face
Rosemary got a little scared

Rosemary's new friend, Terry
Fell down seven floors
Minnie and Roman showed in time to view the horror
Roman and Guy became fast friends
Minnie'd always come checking in
Rosemary got the news
That in nine months she would be due
But was her nightmare just a dream?

Rosemary - She's gonna have a baby
Rosemary - She's gonna love her baby
Rosemary - She's gonna finally be a mom!

No one said pregnancy
Would be an easy ride
So Doctor Saperstein
Gave her a drink to try
Tannis Root - it won't harm
The same stuff's found in Terry's charm
That Ro wears 'round her neck
In hopes her baby won't get sick
After all, he's the Devil's son!

(Repeat Chorus)

She's gonna have the Devil's son!

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