Color My Rainbow Black
1996 by L. Hernandez

Pretty flowers and rainbows in the sky ain't for me
I need to start up a mass genocide to feel at peace
Life can't be one big fairy tale
Sometimes you need to take a trip and visit Hell!

Cancel the day and bring on the night for the Iron Youth
The moon is full and the wolves all howl--they're calling you
You say that I'm sick in the head
Just 'cause I'd rather never see the sun again

Color my rainbow black
You can't see things I see
You'll never see me bleed
The spells of Hecate
Bring Darkness unto me!

Don't need no flowers or rainbows in the sky--that's alright
The sun is out but I hear the thunder in my mind
I'm going to Hell is what you say
That's fine, 'cause I'll be with my own kind anyway!

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