Rege Satanas!
1996 by L. Hernandez

Black Magic Hell tunes are ringing in my ears
Sweet Lilith's love-songs are what I want to hear
Dancing 'round bonfires, Black Witches in the night
Walpurgis Sabbath--Jehovah runs in fright!

Warlocks, fiends, witches and ghouls
Are all among our ranks
Vampires, demons--all of us
We give the Old Ones thanks!

Rege Satanas!
Live ain't too long
Ave Satanas!
No God's too strong!

We'll drink to love and war, to life and living free
Revel in Satanic thought and drink to blasphemy
We'll call on Satan's hordes to kill our enemies
We'll do it all again next sabbath--Halloween!

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