Puppets For Christ
1996 by L. Hernandez

See what they're doing to our world
Feeding people their false hope
Preaching a doctrine full of lies
Jews and Christians now you die!

They serve the weak and shun the strong
In so defying Natural Law
Praying to a corpse on a stick
Jesus Christ can suck my dick!

I'll never be a puppet for Christ
Won't let them get away with their lies
Brainwashing people with their Holy Writ
Your Holy Bible is nothing but shit

They infest our government
Making sure our money's spent
Exactly for their purposes
Churches are tax-free businesses!

They say that I'm going to Hell
I say that it's just as well
They wish I was just a mute
All because I speak the truth!


I'll never be a puppet for Christ
I've got a brain and two open eyes
Won't let your morals get into my head
Your weak Jehovah has long since been dead!

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