Five Point Plan
2002 by L. Hernandez

Revolutionize the meme
Succumb to my unholy scheme
Draw your knives and load your guns
And destroy your enemies until the war is won!

No more laws to protect the weak
True Justice is what we seek
Vengeance by an iron hand
Burn the Bible, burn the Torah
Burn the fucking Koran!

I don't want no superstition in my politics
I don't want my money going to fanatical zealots
Allah, Jehovah, Buddha, Christ--they don't exist
This mess was left for us to fix!

Satan's children, claim your throne
The future of the world is ours to mold
Feel the fire burning for the cause
And let your voice be heard and change the laws!

Creative individuals held back no more
Imaginative citizens will fight the war
Quality held over mass-producing shit
And people who can think replacing government!

The plan's laid out, so take control of your own fate
There's no excuse for trying to mix Church and State
Focus your sights and when it's time, don't hesitate
It's time to overcompensate!

Tax the Church and make them pay
Stratify society
Blast the vile off of this earth
Their decay is our rebirth!

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