Pentagonal Revisionism
2003 by L. Hernandez

Accusations all around about Satanic Ritual Abuse
Everyone is talking shit and no one wants to know about the truth
Maybe they're just paranoid, yeah
Maybe they're just scared
Well, some just wouldn't handle it and some just couldn't care
Still others know our Five Point Plan would probably be their worst nightmare!

Stratify society and everyone will know just where they stand
No unaccomplished, pompous shit-disturbers pretending to be the man
Religion would go under if I taxed your fucking Church
And I'm not lying to anyone, so whose the fucking jerks?
Pentagonal Revisionism--let us show you how it works!


If the penalty for theft were only cutting off both of a burglar's hands
Then Justice would prevail and we'd feel safer in our own home land
And humanoids could be developed to do as we say
And I could live somewhere that's built exactly just for me
Our lives would be our own and we could live them our own way!

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