Pan the Great
1996 by L. Hernandez

Piping shrills pervade the aether
Dreams of landscapes alien
Civilizations lost and weathered
Memories to the Great God Pan

Dancing upon cloven hooves
And reveling in life's delight
The Darkness that within us moves
Strength through Joy and building might!

Black Goat with a Thousand Young
We sing praises to your name
Great God Pan; Shub-Niggurath
Our friends are helped and foes are slain!

Belial - Pan - Rex Mundi
Play your flute once again
Hail Thee, Dark One! Come! Be here!
And revel with your kin!

Pan, O Great God Baphomet
Passion and desire
Radiate your very soul
And your Black, Eternal Fire!

We call you you, Lord of the Flesh
On this Walpurgis night
"Rejoice! Rejoice!," we hear thee say
"And celebrate your life!"

Hail the Dark One!

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