Nowhere To Go
1997 by L. Hernandez

Alone tonight I hear them crying
Children dying
In the streets
All alone but no one's listening
no one's caring
Not one bit
I turn to follow all these voices
To see their faces
In the night
The little children we've neglected
If we forget them
We'll lose their lives

I see the pain they hold inside them
Broken, crying
All alone
Without a single thing to eat and
Nowhere to sleep and
No one to hold
Their parents, all on dope, won't help them
Or wipe the teardrops
From their eyes
But deep inside I know there's nothing
That I can do to
Save all their lives

They've got no home, nowhere to call their own
They've got no home, nowhere to go

And when the night comes down
The children know
There's no way home
They know there's no way out
And nowhere left to go...

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