Midnight in the Black House
2010 by L. Hernandez

Within the chamber, walls covered in black
Voluptuous altar of flesh
Rests upon a slab of stone, trapezoidal
Color of blood, the ceiling, red
High Priest of Satan stands before his congregation
Short sword is held in his right hand
Bell rung nine times, the Black Pope is invoking Satan
Four princes called, the chalice drained

Black-hooded robed figures face Magus LaVey
Two horns of bone adorn his cowl
The words he speaks, Invocation of Destruction
The proxy sacrifice is now!
Effigy of the one who unjustly did someone wrong
The doll becomes who is to die
A dagger raised, blade shining as it hits the victim
Fourteenth Key read, Enochian

Blessings of Hell are brought forth to the congregation
Talismans thrust upon the sword
The Eighteenth Key, recited by the Priest of Mendes
Shemhamforash! The horns are raised
The bell is rung; the words are spoke, So It Is Done!
And, one by one, the candles quenched
Silence in black; no light intrudes, embracing Darkness
The ritual is at its end

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