Le Messe Noir
1996 by Michael K. Silva

Never tread on paths of pain
Lead us to temptation
We praise his unholy name
Without guilt or reservation
Forget all past errors
For this is our rebirth
We proclaim that Satan
Is the true god of the earth!

Mighty Satan, praise to Thee
Prince of Darkness, glory be!
Manifest in my dark will
That my desires be fulfilled!

We honor him in everything
And go not in acquiescence
By the demons of the pit
Renounce past allegiances
The sacrifices have been made
Let us receive our due
Mighty God of the Flesh
We shall rise anew!

Our father who art in Hell
Hallowed be Thy name
The kingdom come, Thy will is done
On earth as it is in Hell
Give us this night our rightful due
We tread not on paths of pain
Lead us into temptation and deliver us from false piety
For Thine is the Kingdom
And the Power
And the Glory forever!

(*Inspired by the Prayer of Hell, from "Le Messe Noir" in The Satanic Rituals, and recited simultaneously with the Eighteenth Enochian Key, from The Satanic Bible, both by Anton Szandor LaVey)


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