Marie Infinity
2001 by L. Hernandez

There I sat with a friend and a mug of beer
When I seen that girl walk by
And my heart must've skipped a thousand beats
The minute that she caught my eye
And when I looked at her
I knew that I could fall in love with her
And then her gypsy looks walked right up to me
And I knew I couldn't wait to talk with her
She was the girl I never knew that I had always been waiting for

She hit the stage and I went up--I had to tip that girl
For the chance to say hello
And for the next few days she never left my mind
I had to be her Romeo
I asked her if she'd like to hang out with me
And when she blessed my life with one sweet kiss
I fell in love and wanted more--I couldn't let her go
I never knew that it could be like this
I got the girl I never knew that I had always been waiting for

She's my Marie--Infinity!
She's the one--my rock'n'roll cliche
Marie--you're the only girl for me
She's my Marie--my Lacy dream
She makes me sing--she is my everything
Marie--forever you're the only girl for me

Now she's my girl and I never want to let her go
I know I need her in my life
And her smile always hits me like a speeding truck
I'm gonna make that girl my wife
And when I look into her deep brown eyes
Well, I can see forever in her face
The second that her lips meet mine
Oh well, the passion burns more than pepper-spray
I can't believe I lost the girl that I had always been waiting for

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