Love Bleeds Terror
1993 by L. Hernandez

Baby, baby, I tore out your eyes
Ate them for breakfast and left you there blind
Now you should see that I'm so in love with you

I put a power-drill into your knees
Got stiff and came while you bled and you screamed
So, you should know that I'm so in love with you

You told me you loved me - that we'd never part
While you caressed me you tore out my heart
Promised and kissed me - you fucked me with lies
Now you can't see me - I plucked out your eyes

Darling, darling, I tied up your hands
Buried you up to your neck in the sand
Left you to die, yet I'm still in love with you

Baby, now you sit burning in Hell
Your flesh is on fire and you don't like the smell
I damned you to Hell 'cause I'm so in love with you

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