1999 by L. Hernandez

Step inside Death's boat, I'll take you to a place where you can
Be who you want to be
We'll cross the river Styx; also known as Acheron
The underworld is what you'll see

Nine circles in Hell we will pass through
As Minos stands placing doomed souls
The tortured, once weak, now enslaved to pain
Watch us as we stroll

Souls flail about in endless night like wraiths without a mission
Shadows weeping scream for solace
Rain falls as fireballs onto the heads of those imprisoned
Rivers of blood reveal Hell's malice

Nine circles in Hell--Inferno!

Watch the demons charge and hear their horn blow
Where'd that come from?
Lead into a realm of ice
Into the Devil's lair, you wonder why I brought you here
I hope this answer will suffice

Nine circles in Hell hold weak-willed ones
As strong ones rule eternally
Will you be enslaved by Hell's tormentors
Or will you reign next to me
In Hell

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