In My Dark World
1997 by L. Hernandez

I know of a place where no man dares to go
Where space and time are bent and Darkness seems to grow
No two may use the same path - you'll need to use your mind
You have to find your Darkness - it's in you all the time

And, though it's dark, I'm not afraid - In fact, I feel at home
'Cause I've got Mephistopheles where ever I may roam
Cthulhu and the Ancient Ones are all akin to me
Anubis and Hell's Legions, they keep me company

In My Dark World!

Some call it the Absu, some the Great Abyss
Some call it the Fires of Hell - I call it Bliss
'Cause I'm in league with Satan - He taught me how to live
And now I meet Him in this place with a sacrifice to give

This world is Darkness - this world is mine!
Where the spheres bow down to me, and where Lucifer shines
We praise the Devil throughout this land
Black Goat--Shub-Niggurath--I'm His Left Hand man

In My Dark World!

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