The Hallowed Eve
1996 by Michael K. Silva

Twilight's come, the night's ablaze
'Round the fires we dance in praise
Invoking and rousing most unholy things
That enshroud the world with black, leathery wings

Indulging in the glory of Hallowe'en
A celebration you half conceive
A splendid night of infamy
Our deeds surpass simple blasphemy

We'll show you things you've never seen
The horrific beauty of Hallowe'en
Tonight we justify your fears
And drink deep of your bloody tears

All the world enjoys the masquerade
Through the streets your children parade
Wearing the skins of horrific sights
And reveling in grim delights

Tonight the Devil receives His due
Season's come, all pacts renewed
For the Devil's minions this means rebirth
Hear the evil laughter and the Hellish mirth

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