Green-Eyed Hamsters
© 2016 & 2018 by Les Hernandez
(Inspired by the chapter of the same name in The Satanic Scriptures,
by Peter H. Gilmore)

Once upon a time there was this kid who liked my band
He thought to try and copy us, as if we gave a damn
He couldn't even write a song - and all his lyrics came out wrong
He couldn't play his instrument, and this was to his detriment
He finally made a demo tape to show me that he could create
I told him just what I thought of it

Well, now this kid was pissed at me for telling him the truth
He bashed us on the Internet, despite his old reviews
Because he couldn't be like us, he started causing all this fuss
His lack of talent ain't my fault, and his opinions ain't worth salt
To boost your ego ain't my job, and talent's something you can't rob

In green-eyed envy you stir up the shit The story I just told you is a fable, not a fact
To show you Green-Eyed Hamsters and just how they would react
When they just don't have what it takes to prove their worth when they create
The people they once looked up to become the targets they abuse
You give an inch, they take a mile - to be polite; to nod and smile
Won't work - you've got to tell the brutal truth

Green-Eyed Hamsters - Whoa oh oh

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