1996 by L. Hernandez

We met by chance in the pale moonlight
Well, I was drunk and you wanted to fight
I seen the flames of Hell glaring in your eyes

Your dirty mouth was so obscene
Black leather jacket, hair black and green
You wore the Devil's grin, my little Punk Rock fiend

When you walk the graves at night
I swear I've never seen such a beautiful sight
Satan's child, I'll never let you go!

Demonica - running wild
Demonica - demon child
Demonica, you know I love you so
Demonica - evil unbound
Demonica - born underground
Demonica, I won't ever let you go

Well, I remember watching B-movies with you
Partied in crypts - we got arrested, too
And when we'd go to shows, well, I could slam with you
Your Baphomet gleamed in the dusk
I was the only one that you could trust
Satanic Punk Rock girl, well, you were filled with lust

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