Dead Head (Necrofeelya-up!)
1993 by L. Hernandez

I saw her just the other day
From the corner of my eye
Her skin was cold and kind of blue
I couldn't help but wonder why
She didn't even notice me
Didn't even give a glance
But when I saw that she was dead
That's when I knew I had a chance

I checked and no one was around
I picked her up and took her home
And found a necromantic rite
In an unholy magic tome
It called for things I couldn't find
For communing with the dead
I had to bring her back to life
Or she'd never give me head

Dead Head - I love you so
But you can't give me head because your lips are too cold
Dead flesh - cold to the touch
But your stiff dead nipples give me such a rush
Oh yeah!

When you were alive and warm
Would your heart have been so cold?
Now we share a timeless love
But your skin is growing mold

I smelled the scent of rotting flesh
Emanating from your lips
And nails, they fall onto the floor
From your toes and fingertips
No beauty can compare to you
In your decomposing state
I couldn't bring you back to life
But I can get between your legs!

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