Bubble Gum & Soda Pop
2010 by L. Hernandez

Meet me at the Dairy Queen
My leather jacket Punk Rock fiend
Your skirt, hiked up, is so obscene
Your reputation's squeaky clean
Poodle skirt and pony-tail
And wicked heart as black as Hell
A love as true as it could be
Yeah, you're the only girl for me

Don't change your mind
Our only crime
Is lack of time
It's time to shine
The reasons rhyme
No need to hide
No need to lie
We'll live our lives

Bubble gun and soda pop
There is no way you'll give it up
And I love you and you love me
That's just the way it's meant to be
Rock'n'Roll and razorblades
And Tootsie Rolls and candy canes
Your kisses taste like butter cups
Girl, I won't ever screw it up, no

Bubble gum and soda pop
You and I

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