I Don't Wanna be a Brady
© 1994 & 2018 by Les Hernandez

Cindy Brady's taking acid again
While little Bobby's shooting heroin
And 'ole ma Brady's busy smoking all her crack
Since Mr. Brady had a heart attack

Marsha's on the corner turning tricks
While Peter's huffing paint to get a fix
And Alice bakes all of her pot into the pie
Don't it make you, make you wanna cry?

Well now, the good old days are gone and everything is going wrong
I've got a hunch, oh yeah
I used to watch them on TV - the cops put out an APB
The Brady Bunch - Oh no!

I don't wanna - I don't wanna be a Brady

The Bradys turned to a life of crime
Greg's in and out of prison all the time
Jan had a sex-change, and now her name is Jim
And, man, I wouldn't wanna mess with him!

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