Baby's in Love
1995 by L. Hernandez

My baby hit me with a frying pan
I thought it meant she cared
She pulled a gun on me the other day
It kinda got me scared
And, when I go to bed she stays up late
She's on the telephone
She whispers softly so that I can't hear
What she says, oh no

I really wish she'd tell me just what's going on
Where'd she get all that jewelry? I know there's something wrong

Baby's in love
Baby's in love
You know I love her so
Baby's in love
Baby's in love
But, not with me!

I try to kiss her and she moves away
I figured, "What the heck?"
Snuck up behind her and what did I see?
A hickey on her neck!
I fell asleep alone again that night
And she went out again
I woe up violently to my surprise
A bat against my head!

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