The Attack of the Atomic Hooker!
2007 by L. Hernandez/Hernan Hell/Evil Todd

It's the attack of the atomic hooker
You'd better watch your cock!
She'll leave a trail of blood and death behind her
Radioactive walk
It's the attack of the atomic hooker
Her smile is Death's embrace
You'd best beware of the atomic hooker
Or she'll sit on your face!

Bodies strewn about light years away
Premature demise from outer space
Deadly labia - unholy gland
Target: Planet Earth - this is the death of man!

And your weakness, erectile in function
Will be your early grave!

Cleavage deeper than the Pits of Hell
Spiked heels control your mind, bent to her will
Her fishnet stocking leave you mesmerized
There's no way out of this, now you will surely die!

Don't sit there no... Get off my face!

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