Al-Azif (Necronomicon)
1996 by L. Hernandez

Intergalactic vampires and the Devil in the deep blue sea
Statues of Cthulhu coming at you in 3-D
Psychopathic lunacy, men with gills and claws
Call Yog-Sothoth out of the sky, a world of total awe!

This is the world that I'm living in
A world you'll never find
This lovely Hell that I'm living in
A world within my mind!

Tentacles around your throat, skin slowly peels away
Shub-Niggurath takes your hand as darkness steals the day
Witches calling Ancient Ones, melting polar caps
Part human, part batrachian, their alien wings flap!

This dreamscape world that I'm living in
I didn't need to search to find
Al-Azif, Necronomicon
Manifests in my mind!

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