1998 by L. Hernandez

I am eternal and under my protection you can be just who you are
Yes, underneath my star, I'm ever-present--call on me
In your time of need

Those who are without are enemies and they don't see that
They'll lose in the end
I am the prideful rebel; from the start it's been my plan
I rule each and every land

I hold the fate of the world
Above and Below
I bring diseases to those who oppose me
Who wins are underneath my wing
I never destroy my own
And, so I favor the ones who uphold me!

I keep my promise to those who keep my secret
They have everything that's mine
My teachings are forever--every place and every time
The universe is thine
I am the first ruling power that precedes everything
Since it all began
The truth is mine, mixed in me, and I share this with my clan

So saith Shaitan!

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